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Waterspace Strategy

We understand how waterways work. Waterways and waterspaces are the defining feature of a place – the essence of its character.  They connect people and places, supporting leisure, tourism and business.  


  • Waterspace strategies, corridor studies and action plans

  • Waterway leisure and tourism strategies

  • Mooring and boating services strategies

  • Waterway-focused regeneration initiatives 

Waterspace Masterplan, Norwich

We produced a masterplan for a mix of boating, moorings and facilities to integrate a vibrant waterfront within a planned major development on the Broads. The masterplan formed an essential element of the planning application. Our baseline review drew on current strategies, designations and usage, stakeholder consultation and demand/supply analysis. Careful liaison with the Broads Authority aligned proposals with their policies and aspirations. Drawing on our experience of waterway and mooring management, the resulting masterplan significantly enhanced the overall development plans with attractive and workable proposals.

Moorings Strategy and Business Plan for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the Thames Landscape Strategy

We produced a moorings strategy for Kingston’s waterfront, specifically visitor, leisure, residential and trip boat moorings, plus an unpowered recreational boating hub. The strategy made connections with existing land and water uses, relevant local plans/strategies, researching demand and supply conditions and conducting stakeholder liaison.  We produced a business plan which demonstrated commercial viability for the council who have recently renewed their efforts to implementing the proposals. 

London’s Waterway Partnership – a £30million regeneration programme

Madge Bailey worked alongside the London director to develop a vision, strategy and major programme of regeneration for London’s waterways, engaging strategic partners and securing significant government regeneration grant. Then playing a key role in its implementation, Madge built relationships with many private, public and voluntary sector partners, attended board meetings as an advisor and was on the projects appraisal panel. This 7 year programme achieved some major improvements to London’s waterways with projects relating to business, tourism, environment and community. Madge was directly responsible for overseeing the delivery of projects within the business and tourism sectors, including development of the 120 berth Packet Boat Marina and the business and residential moorings at Holborn Studios.    

Tourism Lft.jpg

Tourism Potential of the North Canal System in Kolkata for the West Bengal State Government

Madge Bailey joined a small team advising the West Bengal Infrastructure Development Corporation on the restoration and regeneration of the North Canal System in Kolkata for freight and transport.  Madge identified and assessed the potential tourism opportunity of water-borne safaris and floating accommodation in the Sunderbans, with travel from Kolkata by water. The team concluded that the restoration project was feasible and met senior government officials.

Leisure and Tourism Strategy – London Canals

Madge Bailey developed a leisure and tourism strategy for London’s canals with the aims of increasing visitor numbers, improving the offering and raising the profile.  She led her team to deliver support for waterway-based tourism businesses, a marketing and events programme and visitor facility improvements. A new forum was established for businesses to discuss operations, marketing and tourism development, along with a business frontage improvement grant.

The Mayor’s London Plan - Blue Ribbon Network

Madge Bailey was a member of the cross-agency working group drafting the GLA’s original Blue Ribbon Network and led the contributions for British Waterways (Now Canal and River Trust).  This ensured that the multi-functional use and future enhancement of London’s canals were recognised appropriately in the policy.

Boating Strategy – London Canals

Madge Bailey reviewed the provision of boater facilities across London, identifying improvements and “five star” visitor mooring and service points at strategic locations.  She commissioned customer research into the extent and quality of boatyard provision in London which also informed the strategy. 

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